How to make your website rank on Google – 5 most important on page SEO elements

How to make your website rank on Google

As a part of my blog promotion very often I share screenshots of my blog ranking in top 10. A few of them even have ranked in top 10 in just a week time. After so many DMs and questions I thought of writing this post on How to make your website rank on Google. I know we all have pre-assumption that SEO takes lot of efforts and it is not a easy to catch game . This is definitely true but having really good content and following these 5 most important on page SEO elements can help your website rank in less efforts

Screenshot are below for your reference . Below stories I shared when my blog posts started ranking in a week’s time

Blog ranking in top 10

Pre-requisites to make your website rank on Google

We will come to 5 most important on page SEO elements to make your website rank but before that it is important to know pre-requisites. Let’s start with basics

  • Having a website with some pages already indexed– We cannot expect very first page to rank on Google. We need to give time to Google to crawl our website. Once website is crawled and indexed(basically present in Google directory) it is easier to make your website rank
  • Content is and will be the king– We need to have unique and intriguing content that audience can read and engage with. Choosing right keyword will play a huge role in making your website rank on Google. Since so many other websites are competing for the same keywords so Google will definitely look for readability and quality of content.
  • Don’t aim for the stars directly but low hanging fruits – We should always keep our goals high. The same is valid for digital but patience and goal setting makes a huge difference. If you want to rank for one of the most searched keywords don’t target it directly. Instead, target keywords with medium to low search volume. Targeting these will help you rank early and attract significant organic traffic on the website
  • Choose the path with less competition– For keywords that you are trying to target for your website, there can be others too who are competing for the same keywords. This is called competition on keywords tool. One needs to search for keywords that have low competition to rank easily on the search engine.

I will be talking about the keyword tool I use for my website. One can use it for free and can know what keywords to target for website with data such as search volume and competition. Keep reading 🙂

5 most important on page SEO elements to make your website rank on google

Now let’s move to checklist that you need to ensure before taking any website live. These pointers are as important as content on the website. So, make sure your website has all

1. Select Focus Keyphrase page

Select focus keyword for your website

Above screenshot is from SEO tool that I use for my wordpress website. You can check one field named as Focus keyphrase. One needs to ensure this field has keyword that we want to target for our page. Once this is finalised, the whole content and images on the page need to be optimized basis the keyword.

Tools used for website SEO and keyword shortlisting

  • Tool used above is Yoast SEO – thanks to this tool, one can simply fill all the fields and know how well is page optimized as per the targeted keyword. As you can see above, two main calculated fields are showing on the top. One is SEO and other is Readability. The best practice before taking any page live is to make all these fields green.
Yoast SEO for website SEO optimization
  • Tools used for keyword research is Keywords planner – It is part of Google adwords. One can simply login to Google adwords from personal id and use this tool for keyword research. If you want to know why SEO is important for your business, read this blog post
keyword planner for keyword research

2. SEO Title

For page to rank well, it is important to have well written Title for each page. No page on your website should go live without a Title. Read below the best practices for writing title of the page

  • Title should be of 55 Characters
  • Include focus keyphrase in the beginning
  • Title should be crisp and catchy – Title is very important for CTR(click though rate). Even if website ranks on Google, for people to click and visit your page title needs to be very relevant and explanatory
  • Tell the main takeaways from page in number form (apt for blog) – Include lines like 15 reason to choose——-, 10 ways to ———-, 5 things to consider——- etc. This format gives user clear direction what to expect from page

How to use Instagram reels for business promotion is Title in below picture(this is one of my post)

What is Title in SEO

3. Meta Description

Description is a para that comes on Google below the Title. It is summary of a page that audience gets to read on Google and decide whether to click on page or not. Read the best practices for writing optimized description

  • Include Focus keyphrase in meta description
  • Recommended length of description should be 155 character – One can go for lengthy description but it is suggested to go for recommended length.
  • CTAs are must – One need to have CTA in description. CTA like read now, book an appointment or call now are some of examples. One can also just write know more, enquire now or get in touch in case just enquiries are required

Check screenshot below. 3 lines from what could you offer is description of a page. One needs to ensure it is properly added for all pages

what is description for SEO

4. Keyword Density

Keyword density is basically how many times focus keyphrase is included in website page. It is recommended to have 2-3% as keyword density. That means in page length of 800 words, one can use keyphrase 10-15 times. Other important things to consider are

  • Avoid keyword stuffing – As per the Google update, one needs to stay away from keyword stuffing. Just need to follow 2-3% usage of keyword.
  • Include keyword phrase in Heading and sub heading
  • Long content is preferred for page – Try to have min of 800 words on page. For home page or brand pages we can have less but other pointers need to be followed

5. Image Tags

Google cannot read images so one needs to add tags so that Google can identify images on website. This explains well why Image tags are important to make your website rank on Google. Two types of tags need to be added

  • Image Title – Here one needs to mention image name. For example, if image is about the car then title can be car. While uploading image on wordpress, we get option to add image title
  • Alt text- This is really important as it tells google about your image. For image of car, alt text can be luxury car in less than 10 Lac. One can try adding keywords in alt text

While clicking on image you can simply add alt text as shown above. For title, you can name image while uploading

Above are the most important On page SEO factors and hence included in this post How to make your website rank on Google. There are various in lists which will be covered in separate post. Stay tuned 🙂

Trust me, I have interacted with multiple businesses and I know there are issues at every step when you are new in digital. Ahead with digital is here to guide you. Let us know your questions, we will try to write a blog post around the same just for you 🙂
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