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We all are aware about the digital opportunities but success is dependent on how well we use them
This is the place for all of you who wants to scale up your small/medium scale business, build personal brand or planning to start something of your own. This is a small business marketing blog and through this blog you can expect answers to your queries like:

Small business marketing blog for you
  • How to get started in digital?
  • I wish somebody was there to guide me what I am doing wrong
  • I wish my efforts could lead to intended results.
  • I know I have potential but my service/product is not reaching the target audience.
  • Do I hire agency to do the digital? 
  • Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Website, Affiliate – so many platforms but where I need to be present?
  • How to promote organically(without any paid activity) on all the above platforms
  • How to promote through paid channels
  • How much money should I have for promotions
  • Is what I am doing is correct and enough?
  • Where is my audience?
  • Do I really need to ask my followers to promote me? Is it legit
  • Is there any small business marketing blog which can give me step by step guide and right strategy for building my brand

And many more…………

Author Introduction

I have started this blog with a pure intention of helping you to scale up your business across digital mediums. I am always very keen to learn about the businesses and it really makes me happy when anyone of you promotes your brand, services, products on Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp but I have always wished to suggest few ways to do it more effectively. Being from an agency background and helping multiple clients’ for more than 4 years in implementing their digital strategies to scale up their businesses , I am here to write about the simple yet effective digital strategies that can boost your business.

I will try my best to be consistent in writing and sharing my so far learning with you. All the feedback are welcomed. If you need to know anything specific about digital or strategy specific to your business do leave a comment. Would be very keen to connect with you.

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