How to make good reels – 10 important pointers to note

How to make good reels

Reels, reels & reels. No matter we like them or hate them, we end up looking at them on the Instagram platform every time. Do you have any idea what is the reason behind the success of reels or why so many people are now trying their hands on reels? If not, then you are at right place. This post on how to make good reels is to explain to you why you need reels for your business and how you can make them good for better reach and engagement.

Let’s start with what’s new in there for you from Instagram reels

What is new in Instagram reels

There is one really good news for Instagram users especially people who look for engagement and the main objective is to reach more people. Instagram has now added Insights for reels. With this new feature, you can check and know what is the performance of your reels. Now let’s check what all Insights you can check

  • Accounts reached
  • Plays
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Shares

Isn’t it good news? Now, you can easily check what is working for you and what isn’t when it comes to reels. You are open to experiment and execute. Good luck!

Now let’s move to important of this blog post that is How to make good reels

Here I will be telling you 10 steps that can really help you in creating good reels with fresh and innovative ideas

1. Know your audience

Following trends blindly is not a solution to trend. You must know your audience and what they expect from your page. Trending songs are a great way to attract and make your page trend on the timeline but what plays a major role is how well you have related it to your business

Few examples

  • Travellers don’t need to indulge in just trending dances and all. What their audience actually anticipate is travel videos. So, make reels from your travel videos. As part of your next travel, expedition do create videos for your audience. If you are someone who is not able to travel during this situation then use your older travel videos, take clips from there and create great reels
  • Accessories & Fashion businesses can definitely use trending songs to showcase new collection, to show wardrobe, to show transformations etc.
  • Knowledge & Service base businesses can use trending concepts for their customers. Show how happy your customers and you ace the trending game

2. What you would like to show

it is very important for businesses to be clear and direct. Since you have just 15 seconds make yourself explicit about the objective. Some examples are

  • If you want to share knowledge – make sure everything communicated in reel or create parts of it
  • Interested in showing new product ? then reveal the same with beautiful twist. Take references of unboxing videos
  • Promote a service – Show transformations and change audience get because of your services

Read the next pointer which is the most important pointer for how to make good reels

3. Plan in advance

Write your plan step wise. It is advisable to have 3-4 steps as that could give you a great reel. If you are so great in recording then you can go with recording one complete video in one go. But if you are new then recording short clips in part and club it later

For instance, you want to show a recipe for a healthy sandwich which the audience can have as a lunch to calm hunger and is very healthy. You can execute the same as a reel by doing it like

  • Clip 1 – Short video of cutting vegetables
  • Short Clip 2 – Gather all the material or just show all ingredients you will use
  • Clip 3 – Arrange it in a sandwich

Create a reel by pick the best part from above videos and use the trending song. And in this way you will ace the reel game. Try to post every alternate post as a reel to get maximum reach and engagement

4. Why people will like it

Think before creating anything. Every step you take is for your audience so you should be clear about the objective. Your audience should enjoy it and should engage it

5. Can you make it funny?

Everybody prefers to laugh and so is the Instagram algorithm. Try to add funny element now and then in your videos so that audience can enjoy your reels.

This is important for engagement and hence the reach so included in this post of how to make good reels

6. Club the clips to create Awesome reels

As mentioned in pointer 3, rather than creating complete video in one go you can choose to create clips and then club them. This will work and give you a smooth reel that will be loved by the audience

7. Always look for trending songs

Trending songs helps you improving the reach and make your reels trending. So, while uploading the reels add the songs and try to look for the trending ones. You are all set!

8. Use insights well

Instagram has made everyone happy with the launch of the insights section for reels. Now you can track every reel performance with Instagram insights
It is simple – Experiment with reels every now and then. Check the insights and see what is working for you. Basis the insights keep on creating and acing the reels game

9. Prepare 10 reels and decide what is working and what is not

Why 10? Because to decide what is working and what is not it is good to observe the patter. Make yourself comfortable with reels and then experiment. Publish 8-10 reels and see what is working for your business. Repeat the same and grow your business

10. Be consistent

Consistency is the key for any business. Grow your business by being consistent and open to experimentation. You can do it 🙂
Good luck with reels! Really looking forward to see amazing experiments from your end

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