Why to boost Instagram post – 5 posts to consider for boosting

Why to boost Instagram post

If you have been reading my blogs on Ahead with digital, you must be aware how much I focus on sticking to organic promotion. That is purely because organic promotion gives you insights and help you work on content & social media strategy in a better way. But one important thing that people do wrong while following this approach is that they miss boosting for posts which are specifically for engagement & reach. So, I thought of writing this post ” why to boost Instagram post”to guide you which posts one can consider for boosting

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Now moving to the main part of Why to boost Instagram post that is 5 posts to consider for boosting

All posts that are done on social media have an intent. Some are for branding, some are for festival wishes, some are for sales and some are for engagement. Engagement posts are a great way of reaching to the wider audience especially a new audience. So, would be sharing 5 posts to consider for boosting

1. Contests Post

Contests are a great way to attract new audience and keep your audience intact with your page. I have always iterated in my previous posts the importance of objective and goal setting in digital. Therefore, when it comes to contests one needs to have goal of attracting more audience, new followers and engagement. With just organic promotion, it is difficult to attract much larger audience so boosting is necessary when one is conducting contest on the page.(hence, included in this post why to boost Instagram post)

2. Achievement Post

Why boosting achievement post is important

  • Showcasing achievements is a great way to build trust of your audience. Audience is tend to trust more when they see people talking good about your product or service
  • By boosting your achievement post will reach to new people and they are tend to check your business profile and your offerings
  • Achievement post are tend to help in getting more page followers

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3. Offer Posts – Why to boost offer posts on Instagram

why to boost Instagram offer post

Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to get qualified leads or conversions. Remarketing can be very useful while promoting offers. Boosting provides us an option to do retargeting. So, not only you can boost your post to existing page followers but to people who have visited your page before or to people who have visited your website

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4. Knowledge posts

Why to boost Instagram post - To increase reach of knowledge post

Knowledge posts also called as shareable content which people can consider reading should always reach to maximum people . Don’t forget everything that becomes viral is mainly because it gets shared by so many people. knowledge posts on social media that are worth sharing includes

  • Infographics – Pictures which have texts on them
  • Recipe
  • Tutorials – Step wise or multiple images

One should note that too much content needs to be avoided and content should be easily readable.

Note: Images like how to control blood pressure or easy to make breakfast recipes are huge success among old and middle aged women. Obviously, we know how much our parents love shareable content

5. Review & Feedback Post – Why to boost these posts on Instagram

Review posts - Important point to consider why to boost Instagram post

Customer reviews work really well in attracting new audience. If you are great in your service you can definitely ask your customers to give video feedback or tag them in your story. These things then can be added on your page and promoted to new audience through boosting. This is important part of why to boost Instagram post and hence included here

Testimonials can be taken in the following formats

  • Video testimonials
  • Short video of multiple testimonials
  • Images of feedback- would suggest using attractive format with image of customer otherwise look less engaging
  • Screenshots of whatsapp/chats- For boosting these are not recommended as they look less presentable. One can decide format and fit testimonials in that format

Will soon share an article on how to boost the Instagram post. Till then stay tuned and enjoy reading posts on Ahead with digital

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