What is remarketing – 10 ways to use remarketing for your small business

what is remarketing in digital

Are you amaze by seeing same ad following you everywhere? or seeing wish listed Myntra product on your Facebook feed. Not just this but also getting irritated by the course ad which you considered for subscribing few days back. This is a story of almost everyone because we are online most of the time and people in digital are doing really great re-marketing tactics to target you. Yes, you heard it right, this is the answer to the question “what is remarketing”

I picked this topic what is re-marketing for this week’s post on Ahead with digital because of season’s sale around. Everybody is going crazy for the Myntra, Flipkart & Amazon sale so no time can be better than this time to explain small businesses how one can leverage this effective strategy on digital mediums.

Let’s start with understanding the necessity of re-marketing(This is an important part of this post what is re-marketing)

Importance of re-marketing

Do you remember old times when we used to visit a retail shop and purchase something, we were often asked to share our details. These details were the way of connecting with us in case of offers or discounts that come in future. Also, used to get letters at home after your visit from hotels to visit them again or maybe Diwali greetings from any brand. All these were part of traditional marketing or ways to connect with audience

But digital has surely helped us not just in minimizing the effort but time investment too. The most important aspect that has been added due to digital is you not only re-target your customers but also people who are prospects or you can say who are doing window shopping on your website or app.

Let’s see who all we can re-market in digital

  • Someone who has bought my brand’s product or subscribed for my service
  • Or someone who just came to my website/ Landing page/ app and went without buying
  • Even those who added product in wish list or cart but left it there without doing any transaction

I guess above pointers justify this fact that digital is boon for businesses and can implement the sale and reach. Now let’s discuss an important part of this post (what is remarketing)

10 ways to use remarketing for your small business

Here I will be discussing ways to retarget on different digital platforms. It is important to understand that remarketing is a part of paid promotion. Paid promotion is something where you need to spend money to get attraction or leads. Read this post for complete details on what is paid promotion

Search Engine Remarketing Ways

1. Campaigns on Google/Bing

Search remarketing

Search engines allow us to run various type of campaigns from website traffic, brand awareness, leads to sales and app promotion. therefore, we can get highly qualified leads from search engine especially Google. One of the best and effective campaign is remarketing campaign – where one can target people who have visited the website/specific page or app before.

Pre-requisite & important points for running remarketing campaign

  • Remarketing tag needs to be placed on website or app to re-target your audience.
  • The code is available on adwords and can simply be added in header tag of the page (or website)

Remarketing on Google is significant part of marketing as it helps in getting better qualified leads. Hence, included in this post what is remarketing. In case you want to look at campaign options or targeting options on Facebook, read this post

2. Campaigns on display network through banners or images

Before starting with display remarketing, it is important to understand display network

What is display network on Google?

Google shows ads on third party sites which are present on Google. It provides provision to show images, video or banner on these sites. You must have observed when you visit blogs or newspaper sites that ads show up in between text. These are display ads. When somebody clicks on these ads, they land on website, page or form. Image below for reference

remarketing through display banner

One can simply add remarketing tag on the landing page and re-target customers by showing a different ad with communication which prompts audience to buy.

Note: In remarketing, communication plays an important role as we cannot just show first ad to our audience. We want to retarget basis the last step our audience took and next step we want them to take. So communication should be in line with last actions and next step expectation.

3. App campaigns or Shopping campaigns

As we do remarketing campaign for display and search ads, similar can be done for App or shopping. By placing a code or remarketing tag, we can remarket our audience from the step where they left the app. For example, people who left the items in cart can be targeted with a communication that Your forgot something in your cart:) or people who just browsed can be shown something around we have new designs for you

Social Media Remarketing Campaigns

4. Instagram – People who have engaged with Instagram page

On Instagram, we can target people who have engaged with

  • Post, profile or ads on Instagram
  • Lead generation forms
  • Video – Here retargeting can be done basis the video person has watched. We can target people who have watched 75% of the video or 50%

There will be a step by step guide on how to run remarketing campaign on different channels. Subscribe below to stay connected.

5. Instagram – people who visited something else on web

For Instagram ads, we need to know that Instagram ads can be run from Facebook or Instagram platform, whereas Facebook offers more resilience in terms of targeting options.

Instagram remarketing

See I am seeing above ad from upgrad because I looked for some course online

The beauty of digital is you can cross promote across channels. You cannot just target your Instagram followers but someone who visited your website few days back on different channel (for example Instagram as shown above). Even you can show Facebook ads to people on Instagram as well.

6. Facebook- People who have engaged with Facebook page or liked your page

The self learning platforms like Facebook & Instagram capture the engaged audience in the form of custom audience. This list gets created on the platform and one can run a campaign targeting this list.

Even for boosting your post this list is the most relevant one as this audience has already engaged with your page or post and is familiar with your brand.

7. Facebook- targeting people on Facebook who have visited something on web


This is really common and something we all experience – visiting something on web and then seeing ads on Facebook. To enable this one just needs to place Facebook pixel on website or thank you page and can get audience data on Facebook(data cannot be accessed just targeted). One can target this audience basis the preferred communication and can improve conversion rate

For example, in above ad I have been shown offer on noise product. This is because I visited site few days back


8. Targeting website visitors

As discussed in search engine remarketing, we can add a tag on the website and retarget our website visitors. We can use remarketing on website to

  • Retarget our audience with new offers or discounts
  • Launch of new service
  • Implement traffic or conversions

9. Targeting blog visitors

One can retarget blog visitors in two cases

  • When you just have a blog as a website – One can run display, search, Facebook remarketing ad to bring audience back on the blog. One can mention offering and ask people to subscribe or can update people about new blog post
  • When blog is part of your website – In case you want to just target people who reads the blog on your website then one can just add code on blog and re-target readers with new subscription offer or may be e-book

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10. Targeting people who filled the form or visited specific page

Remarketing can be done by placing a code in the backend

Suppose you have placed remarketing tag on thank you page that comes after filling the lead form. So, you can create a remarketing campaign basically targeting people who have filled this form. This a great way to retarget people for recurring purchases. For example groceries or fashion.

3rd party platforms

I know we are done with 10 ways to do remarketing in what is remarketing post. But just wanted to share a last piece with respect to e-commerce platform

Remarketing on e-commerce portal

Most of the e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal offer only automated or manual campaign. Read more here There is no provision of remarketing from seller end which brand can control. However, this is done from platform side through their algorithm

Myntra remarketing

On the other hand platform like Myntra offers remarketing through Inmobi platform. Here, there is much control in sellers hand with respect to remarketing.

I hope you like this post on What is remarketing. Subscribe below to know step by step guide on how to run remarketing campaigns. Have a great Sunday

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