What is paid promotion? 8 paid promotion to choose for small business

Paid promotion on digital

If you will ask me what is the best thing about being on digital, I would say the kind of flexibility it offers. One needs not to start with paid promotion directly on digital but can explore all the organic promotion options available on each channel. We can experiment, learn and grow organically or through paid basis the budget and goal. This blog post “What is paid promotion” is specially written for all of you who are bewildered with a term when somebody recommends paid promotion for your business

What is paid promotion?

Usually, all the digital platforms have their advertising tools to help us reach a wider audience or to the people who are unaware of our product or service. With organic promotion(non-paid), we can reach only to people who are our followers or friends. Therefore, to target a new audience these advertising tools become an important and relevant part of a promotion strategy

Why paid promotion is important for a business

  • We cannot limit the reach of our business by having a small audience size therefore we need paid promotion to increases our reach
  • Campaigns can be run basis the objective and most of the advertising platform offers following objective
  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Lead Generation – Enquiry, Book Now, Order now Get a quote & others
  3. Engagement – Likes, comments, share, followers
  4. Website traffic
  5. Some platforms offer very specific objective like store visits & conversions
  • Targeting options – This is one of the best features of the advertising platform because one can target a very specific audience basis profession, interest, shopping behavior etc. This helps you target people who are actually interested in your product or service. Read about Facebook targeting options in this post, read more

When to choose paid promotion for a business

Just because the platform offers a paid promotion option that doesn’t mean we need to use it instantly. Hence, it becomes really important to know when to choose paid promotion while you are exploring what is paid promotion. Firstly, we should explore the organic potential of the platform. We should have a proper social media calendar for our channel and must do all type of content to increase engagement. In case you are looking for social media post ideas for small business read this post

In other words, we should experiment with all the types of features available on platforms and execute multiple content strategy to engage with our audience. You can refer to the below posts if you are looking for a strategy related to

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8 types of Paid Promotion

Now a days, it is difficult to imagine a business which is not having digital presence. If your business has a digital presence on Facebook, you can select the paid promotion on Facebook. Similarly, if your business is present on Instagram or twitter, you can select paid promotion on those platforms.

Note: It is important to know the kind of audience that is present on each platform while promoting a business. You can refer to this post for knowing the type of audience available on each channel, read more ……

Facebook paid promotion

The Facebook advertising platform is one of the efficient and low-cost ways of getting conversion and sales. All you need is the right kind of targeting to reach your customers. Platforms allow you to

  • Promote a single post (known as a boost post ) where the objective can be to increase engagement on the brand page
  • Run ads for sales, appointments, store visits
  • Run ads for brand awareness
Paid promotion on Facebook

Instagram paid promotion

We all know how the platforms are updating their algorithm every now and then therefore, our post & page content is reaching to less number of people. In conclusion, the solution we have is paid promotion. Maximum people when hunt for the answer to the query “what is paid promotion”, refer to Instagram as a channel. Hence, paid promotion on Instagram can help in

  • Increasing page followers for your page
  • Increasing engagement on your page – like, comment & direct message

Targeting here also plays an important role because it is very essential to have followers who are actually interested in your product or service. Will talk about targeting and complete tutorial on paid promotion in Instagram in another blog so subscribe below ๐Ÿ™‚

what is paid promotion > Introduction to Instagram

Youtube paid promotion

Youtube paid promotion has two aspect to it

  1. Running ads on Youtube promoting your product or service – These ads will appear to audience while watching anything on youtube. Targeting can be done basis previous watch history, interest, age etc.
  2. Another option is promoting your youtube channel. This is much similar to how we promote our brands on Facebook & Instgram.

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Search engine marketing

Google ads - Part of paid promotion

What do you observe when you search for something on Google? The answer obviously is ads. No one can ignore ads as they occupy the topmost position in search results. Therefore, to gain visibility in search results and to sell your service or product with the best qualification & conversion, Google ads are the best choice

How Google ads work?

  • Google ads are run on the basis of keywords unlike other options on Facebook & Instagram
  • If somebody searches for a keyword like a fitness coach online, one can show their ad by targeting this keyword. Not just a single phrase but single words, exact phrase, the broad phrase can be targeted
  • One needs to add ad copies for all keywords showcasing your business main points and services

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Twitter paid promotion

Like for Facebook and Instagram, we can promote our tweets on twitter. Our promoted tweet is visible to the most relevant audience. Relevancy on twitter is decided basis the search history, interaction with the content and many more factors

Refer screenshot to start with twitter ads

Affiliate promotion

There are various vendors in the market who promises to get you leads in fixed cost. They mainly uses

  • Email marketing
  • Display marketing on their own inventory

The benefit of joining this affiliate program is one need not to worry about anything as payments are mostly done after the campaign results. One can agree on the number of leads and cost per lead and the rest is handled by the vendors

Third party paid promotion

So IPL 2020 is approaching? Digital marketers will make the best use of this opportunity by running ads on Hotstar. You can imagine the kind of attraction that will come to the platform in the coming months.

There are so many platforms which facilitates similar kind of opportunity

  • Tik Tok – Now banned in some countries but was a great way to promote brand
  • ZEE5, Alt Balaji, TVF – All content creators offer the opportunity to run ads and promote brand
  • Paytm Mall – You can imagine kind of attraction on Paytm mall we can run ads to promote brands and increment conversion/sales

Hope you like this blog on what is paid promotion. Do share your views and questions in comments.

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