Social media post ideas for small business – Special ideas for festivals around

Social media post ideas for small business

A lot us while being new in business or digital think of promoting our brand/service rigorously to gain maximum sales or clients. This used to be the approach of businesses or small businesses earlier. Since the advent of digital especially social media, it is not just about promotion but having audience who look forward to your post everyday. To keep the enthusiasm high for your audience it is required to offer them the best in terms of ideas, creativity, service & obviously the experience. Ahead with digital has come up with “Social media post ideas for small business” just to help you game up your level on social media and create brand for your business

After seeing so many pages on Instagram or Facebook, I have observed common missed points on these channels. One of the most important is selecting the best medium for your business . Details can be found in interlinked posts. Before jumping to ideas, would like you to know the difference in Facebook & Instagram audience


If somebody will ask me who uses Facebook the most at my home, I will say my parents. This is the most direct and useful answer for your business. If you are trying to target someone above 35 then Facebook medium is inevitable for marketing. For better engagement and reach, the most important social media strategy for Facebook is to create a sharable content. All the people who uses Facebook love to save images and send across whatApp. So, create for them. If you want to know complete details on how to promote small business on Facebook, read this post


I spend an average of 1 hr 12 min on Instagram daily. Screenshot for your reference

Instagram post ideas for small business

I am sure this a story of almost every one in the age group 13-35. Imagine how much content is being absorbed by this audience. To stand out among these people, small businesses need to have posts which are highly attractive or add value to people’s live

So, now moving ahead to another important section of Social media post ideas for small business

What is missing in your current social media strategy for small business?


If you want me to buy your product or service, I should be well aware that how your service or product will add value to my life. If I am confident about it, nobody can stop me from becoming your customer/client. From here you can segment your audience in two categories

Already aware about the need but confuse among multiple sellers

For winning such audience you need to reiterate the numbers. For example

  • 1000 + products sold – Even if the number is small, mention it
  • Changing lives since 10 years – Focus on points which help you stand out among your competitors
  • 500+ happy clients – Add link where people can read reviews
  • Share victory – Share followers benchmark, share likes benchmark, share total reviews benchmark & others

Need inspiration to realize the need

Social media plays a huge role in changing the perceptive of your audience. Your brand needs to do the same but in a positive manner. Let your customers/clients speak how they realize the need and took a step towards a change. An example, instead of proposing the benefits of something let’s say some food, tell how it helped particular group of people. At the end, mention the importance and how your service can help in better results.

After all, businesses are run to serve people

Story telling

Stories are not just listened but felt. Tell your customers’/clients’ stories to your audience and let people ask queries on that. If your post is viewed by 500 people then there could be 2-3 people who can relate and get inspired. Try to post something for every audience segment and be consistent with your efforts.

Story telling & Inspiration together can give wonderful results

Promote Participation

Promote participation is social media posts  - Ahead with digital

If you are serious about building a brand then have posts which promote participation. Set a budget for giveaway (it can be of Rs. 500 per month). Ask people to participate. Participation can be as simple as best answer to quiz, best comments, maximum re-tagging, maximum likes, maximum referrals and many more. Create curiosity among audience and have a gift specific to audience. I don’t think it will harm you much if you give Rs. 500 Amazon voucher to winner or Nykaa voucher during women’s day.

Create excitement and stay connected with your audience

Let’s move to another part of social media post ideas for small business

Social Media post ideas for Festivals

Festival wishing is important for social media but now is the time to associate these wishing with above pointers – Inspire your audience, promote participation and tell stories

Social media post ideas for Rakshabandhan

If you are a product selling company, then nothing could be better than promoting your audience to gift your products this festival(obviously if it can be related with brother sister bond and care).

For example, I have seen people selling a lot of products through whatsapp broadcast and stories. So, this is the time to change the communication. You can write something around brother sister bond

  • Gift your loved ones a smile – showcase products that can be used by men & women
  • You survived lockdown because of sibling? Give your thanks to them this Rakshabandhan – Relate festival to current situation(pandemic)
  • My sisiter’s security is my priority – If you are selling anything, gift a complimentary mask on Rakhi. Ask them to share picture and post the same on social media(also, ask to tag your page)
  • This Rakshabandhan, secure your family health – Using this line, one can advertise products related to sanitization
  • This year my way of care – this can be a contest. You can ask people to tell how they ensure their families members are safe when they are stepping out

If you are service based company, you must have observed ignorance by women or men related to an issue. Relate and ask people to discuss and motivate their closed ones to initiate a change. Examples

  • Realize the unsaid words – One can have contest around this and ask siblings to participate. Entries can share their experiences where they know their brother/sister want something but don’t mention.
  • Gift me a new habit – Here one can relate service to this tagline. Can ask people to participate and let their brother/sister know what is the one habit they want to change

No strategy guarantees results but important things are experiment and consistency. Decide 6 month strategy, create a calendar for your brand(include festivals), be resilient to modify it as per the audience response. The more you experiment, the more you will learn what works best for your audience. I already see you winning 🙂

Social Media Post Ideas for Independence Day

Social media post for Independence day

Look for trending news and build content around the same. Incite audience for aatmnirbhar bharat or self reliant India movement. Promote them to pledge to use Made in India products wherever possible. If you want to know the communication for self reliant India or Aatmnirbhar bharat read this post

Keyword for Independence is FREEDOM. Use this word in your communication to address the pain point of your audience. Few Industry wise examples

  • For all products/services: Run an offer and name it FREEDOM offer. Even if the offering is not big, it will hold attention of your audience
  • Nutritionist/Dietician: Get FREEDOM from unhealthy eating this independence day or Get FREEDOM from PROCRASTINATION – Here the brand needs to promote audience to take a step towards positive change
  • Fitness Business: FREEDOM from excuses. Join Online class & Get motivated with others – Gyms, exercise centers can use the same for promoting an offer or motivating audience

These are just some of the social media post ideas. I hope this post inspires you to experiment and innovate on social media. Happy Reading 🙂

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