Why blogging is important for your business? An insightful read for small/new businesses

Why blogging is important - Ahead with digital

You might have appropriate social media strategy, huge audience base on social media and lot of engagement/sales through digital channels but if you have not thought of blogging or creating a blog, I must say you are missing on huge audience which could be highly interested in your service or products. On the other hand if you are a small business or new in the journey of digital, creating a blog can boost your digital presence and fulfill the purpose of value addition to your service. This blog on “Why blogging is important for your business” is specially written for all of you who are not sure how blogging can help your business. So, stay tuned for useful insights

What is blogging?

What is blogging - Ahead with digital

Blogging in simple words is writing and sharing your knowledge with the world through internet/web. Examples of blogging can be

  • X is a service provider. He has a deep knowledge about his industry. He is well aware about people’s questions and help in resolving those. Writing a blog addressing those questions (& other things, will be discussed later in this post) can be really helpful for his business
  • Y is a product seller and have various products. Y can have details about her business products in her blog
  • Z is passionate about particular field and wish to share her passion with others so she can start writing about topics surrounding her area of interest

Many of us wonder that to create a blog one needs to be an excellent writer but I feel blogging is about your passion. If you have an idea to help people and intention to serve then you just need commitment and time to excel in blogging. Blogging is one of the cheapest way to do business or to create a brand.

Some examples of blogs that are huge now

I have chosen the blogs from different industries just to make sure you are motivated to start a one for yourself.

  • Nutrition blog: My new roots
  • Travel blog: Shooting stars
  • Fitness blog: My fitness Pal

I am sure they all started with a confusion as you have now so, shed your fears and step up

Credits (to blogs whose name I mentioned in this post): My new roots, shooting stars, my fitness pal

Now let’s move to the important aspect of this post that is Why blogging is important for your business

I will be discussing a few pointers with real life examples which can give you a clear picture if you need to start with blogging or not

Reach to wider audience through blogging

Reach to wider audience through blogging

Your activities on digital channels can reach only to your followers and the audience who have liked your page. To reach a wider audience or to unknown people, you have to use ads for promotion. Ads require spends and I believe not all small businesses can afford spends at an early stage. So for organic reach (non paid promotion), the best option is Blogging. Imagine you are dietician and you can write in simple English. If you want to see a possibility of topics you can write about, see the picture below

Blog topics for dietician - Why blogging is important for your business

People are searching about these topics on web and if you can give the good information related to these topics, then people who read your blog can become your audience. I am not saying this will happen overnight but it will be worth it.

Use blogging for information sharing not your social media

Are you promoting everything on Instagram? From everything I mean all kind of posts like tips, step by step guide, feedback, questionnaire testimonials, your services etc. Then what is the point of having other digital mediums. All digital mediums have been created with a specific intent so it is important to know the purpose of these mediums and take actions accordingly.(Read this post to know the purpose of all digital mediums)

Will share some examples where I have seen businesses sharing everything on social media instead of using other mediums effectively

Trust me, it is really good to see you all putting so much effort on social media but some improvements could really help in more engagement. One most important tip for social media is “Social Media is a trailer for your business whereas blogging/vlogging is a complete picture

  • Nutritionists/ Dieticians

Imagine if while scrolling your personal account you are getting to read a huge paragraph with tips on images by some pages you follow. Would you like it or read it? On the other hand there is another page which publishes images with crisp content and create curiosity among readers so that they are compelled to read the whole post on a blog. By doing this, one is creating a path for his audience and connecting digital channels. This will help to target customers who are actually interesting in his service and can be benefited from it

  • Fitness/Gym owners

Don’t share whole knowledge in one social media post. If you are publishing an exercise picture don’t mention whole tutorial or benefits on your picture but write a catchy line for audience. For example, your image can read: An exercise a day can throw 5 kg weight away!
Write a description saying. Make unbelievable a reality with this exercise. Read tutorial for best results<Link> Link should take users to your personal blog

  • Food pages

We love seeing pictures on Instagram and small descriptions. If you want people to read your recipes and health benefits then write a blog. Even if you post content on Instagram, having a blog can be e huge plus as I mentioned in above points that blogging can multiply your reach if done correctly

Build your own brand

Build your own brand through blogging - Ahead with digital

I am reiterating this again and again that blogging is not an overnight success but being consistent with blogging can give you a huge success and audience. All the efforts you put will be worth if you take them seriously. Do proper branding of a blog, have a name relevant to industry you are in and information you provide and publish regularly(once a week, daily, once a fortnight, whatever suits you)

Imagine you have a written a great blog on one topic and I land on it while searching on Google. I read it and like it. After few days, I am again searching for some topic but in the same category. Now, I again land on your blog. For me, you will become wikepedia for your category and if I face any query your brand will be the first place where I will hunt. Such is the magic of blogging

Content written never goes old but social media posts can

Why to do blogging for your business

If you have a social media page, there are very rare chance somebody will scroll your year down post (unlike he is your competitor). But, with blogging it is the opposite. The older your brand/blog name/ domain name, the more are the chances you will rank on Google. The better you rank, the more people will reach to your blog and read your content. You will get paid for your consistency and efforts for sure.

Easy to convert your blog in website

Over the years, if you wish to expand your business , start an offline venture or get transaction feature then with a domain and high credibility of your blog, it becomes easy for your brand to have a website with all these features.(simply your blog can be converted to website). Your blog will gain credibility over the years when more and more people will come and read and there are several ways to optimize your blog for better ranking which we will be discussing in details in another post.

A single place for sharing knowledge, feedback, clients’ stories and whatever you can think of

Why blogging is best for business

If you are still not convinced with Why blogging is important for your business then there is another important point for you. You have a customer or a client and he took a service from you. How would you stay connected with him? Answer is through blog. Share link of your blog with clients. Ask them to read your blog posts and subscribe to receive regular updates. Customize your blog for review section and showcase review there. Add your customer stories in a form of blog posts and inspire others through these stories. Add proper CTAs (Call to Actions) so that unknown people can reach you.

Your blog could be one destination for your audience, your clients, new customers and old clients. One of the important aspect of why blogging is important for your business is, it helps in paid promotion. Will write a seperate post on how to start a blog and how to promote your blog. So, stay connected and do subscribe!

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