How to use Instagram reels for Business Promotion ?

How to use Instagram reels

Instagram knows how to cease the opportunity so before we could say proper good bye to tik tok we have a new feature from Instagram that is Instagram reels. A time for all the tik tokers to buck up their spirits and be active again. There is a large part of population on Instagram who promotes their businesses. I am here to share my thoughts on how to use Instagram reels for business promotion. Before jumping on how to leverage this opportunity, let’s start with basics

  • What is Instagram reels

Instagram reels, a new feature on Instagram allows you to create short videos(15 seconds or less) with effects, audio, timer and speed adjustment. Perfect feature to showcase your talent, business introduction, teasers, trailers and to create curiosity among audience.

How to use Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels
  • How to use Instagram reels?

We have a new option on Instagram- reels, which is available by clicking on story icon(Present on top at extreme left hand side on your Instagram account feed). After clicking on story, you can see a new option with live, story which says reels. One can simply click on reels and get started

  • Tik Tok Vs Instagram reels

Similar to Tik Tok, Instagram provides almost same features but how well it gets accepted that only time can tell. One positive outlook is now everything is available at one place so there will be less switching between the platforms but on the other hand users could take time to differentiate between stories and Instagram reels. Starting from the scratch could be challenging for self branding but could be easily leveraged by existing eminent accounts.

Now, let’s move to our main point that is how to use Instagram Reels for business promotion?

If you own any business and wish to use this feature then the correct time is now. When the platform is new, everybody likes to see how the brands are using the innovation and are more interesting in exploring. I am listing below the pointers on what all you can showcase in Instagram reels for better engagement and impact.

Time for re-introduction

Have you ever wondered how many times you have told your audience about your brand?
about your offerings?
I guess answer is not frequent. This new feature offers you a great opportunity to re-iterate to your customers/audience about your brand. There is a very good saying in marketing that you should be able to tell about your brand in one sentence and if people can understand , you are doing well. So, use Instagram reels for business promotion in a same way. Create a reel of 15 seconds or less and introduce your brand. Remember, to have crisp and to the point introduction. Looking forward for such experiments from business pages on Instagram. Do share screenshot if you do one

Be explicit about goal and how your audience can be benefited

Goals give our business meaning. If you wish to help people, say it loud. If you wish to bring joy in people’s live, be clear. If you wish to fill hole in current situation, iterate the problem. You need to be specific about the problems and solutions you offer. If you have multiple goals, create multiple Instagram reels for business promotion. But, start and persist.
The best part about Instagram reel is they will be forever available on your page so one can see while exploring your pages any time in future

Time to revamp feedback/testimonial format

This is the time to experiment with testimonial & feedback format. People prefer audio then reading the reviews. So, provide the audience with what they like. One could start recording live reviews of customers and start posting them in the form of Instagram reels. Since the review needs to be less than 15 seconds so it shouldn’t be a problem for your customers to share the feedback.

List down your product/service in short Instagram reels

Listening & watching are definitely more convincing to the audience than reading about your product or service from posts you share on Instagram. This is a vital part of how to use Instagram reels for business promotion. Be creative and use hashtags to showcase your products or service. Let’s say something like #10days10products. Everyday same time tell audience about your product in 15(or <15)seconds Instagram reel. Engage with audience and end your Instagram reels with a question so that people can comment and ask their queries.

how to use hashtags on instagram reel

Important Pointers

  • Use effective hashtags while posting Instagram reels
  • There is an option to show Instagram reels in your feed so make sure you check that point
  • Prepare a script to sound confident and convincing
  • Start early to make an impact
  • Add interesting caption with call to action

I am quite positive about this new feature and think this can be really helpful for businesses. Hence, I have written this post on “How to use Instagram reels for Business Promotion”. If you want to know about digital marketing for small business, do read this post

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