How to set up a business page on Facebook – A guide for small businesses with easy examples

Basics are the foundation and building blocks to the success. This blog post on Ahead with digital is especially for someone who has recently started a business and setting up the Facebook page for branding/sales

For someone who has not gained much engagement or sales through Facebook beside having a business page for sometime. This blog post will not just cover “How to set up a business page on Facebook” but also the right kind of selections while creating a page. I would try to answer all the queries one could have while Facebook business page creation

If you want to know when to use Facebook as a medium for promotion and what kind of audience can be targeted on this platform, read this post

My recent conversation with a small business owner or you can say local service provider strengthened my belief that there is a lack of guidance among small businesses when it comes to online and digital promotion. So, to equip you with the right knowledge I publish regularly on my blog Ahead with digital. Now, lets get started with how to set up a Facebook page

How to create a Facebook Page?

When you will login on Facebook you will see a header (blue strip on the top) which has following (from left to right)

Step by step guide on how to create a Facebook business page

1. Facebook logo
2. Search box
3. Your name (with profile picture in circle)
4. Home
5. Create followed by Icons.

Click on create and you will find options as below

Which option to choose while creating a Facebook page
Options on Facebook while clicking on create

Choose page from available options in above picture and you will get the below page

What to select among Business or Brand Vs Community or Public Figure while doing how to set up a business page on Facebook

Choose Business or Brand:

if you are a brand and sell product or service then select business or brand as an objective. Few examples are shared to evade your doubts

Products: Footwear sellers, Clothing stores, personalized gift stores, Jewellery sellers, selling cosmetics etc.

Services:Gym, yoga centers, fitness centers, dietician, nutritionists, home service providers – plumbing, electrical fittings, beauty service providers, chefs, food enthusiasts, writers, musicians, singers, dancers, personal branding, fashion blogger, bloggers, blogs & others

Choose Community or Public Figure:

If you are concerned about the cause for example water conservation or let’s say saving tress then you should choose this an option. If you are a fan of some public figure let’s say Cold play and you wish to create a community to interact with people similar to you then you can go ahead with this option. This will help you in sharing latest songs, updates of the brand in your community.

When to choose a community or Public figure page as an option of Facebook?

  1. If you are concerned about any cause and want to connect with similar kind of people
  2. Fan of public figure then you can create a public figure page to connect with fans like you
  3. If you are a eminent band or a public figure then you need to create a community so that you can be vigilant about the topics and news about you or brand and also, need to join other communities to be aware about you or your brand talks

Moving on to the next steps on how to set up a business page on Facebook, you will get two fields to fill one is Page name and other is Category.

Facebook Page Name:

: Enter the name of your business or if you haven’t thought of a name yet then one advice for you is – Choose something which explicitly tells about your business. Try to avoid choosing names when your brand are in initial phase of your business

Facebook Page Category:

Almost all the categories are available related to any business. In case(very unlikely to happen) there is no exact category for your business choose the one which is closest to your business.
If you have chosen a business which can have a physical establishment then you need to enter address as well. You should consider adding the same as it will be helpful for your audience to reach you

After clicking on continue, you will be shown two steps

  • To select a profile picture for your page: It is recommended to have a brand logo as a profile picture.
Setting a profile picture on your Facebook business page -Ahead with digital

Don’t fret if you don’t have the logo. You can create it later using some free tools like canva and others(simply google free tools to create a logo). For the time being, it is recommended to have a related image as a profile picture. You can pick the one from Google. You need to use a setting while picking a direct image from Google. Refer to the image below

How to select image form Google that can be reused - Ahead with digital
  • Select a cover photo for your page: Cover photo is an important way to communicate with your customer/audience. You should keep profile picture fixed while you can keep changing your cover photo basis the events, offers, current news relevant to your brand, announcements and much more
Examples of cover photo-  Bombay Shaving Company
Bombay Shaving Company is using cover page for display of its products
Pic Courtesy: Bombay Shaving Company Facebook Page

Note: Both profile picture and cover image can be changed multiple times

After updating the above two, you will see your new page. Kudos ! for your new page 🙂

How does Facebook Business looks like  - Ahead with digital
Bingo! This is how your Facebook Business Page looks like

Now comes the very important part of How to set up a Business page on Facebook that is updating the information in specific sections

  • Invite your friends : Before reaching to the audience, it is important to have a few likes on your Facebook business page so invite your friends to like your page. You can directly click on invite button and select all your friends or can select your specific friends too.
How to invite friends to like your Facebook business page - Ahead with digital
  • Add a button: Click on add a button to let your user choose call to action. There are various call to action depending upon the service/product you offer. This can help audience to directly engage with you instead of searching for you anywhere else. You can shortlist any one of the above for your Facebook Business page
Click on Add a button

  • Create event/offer/job for your business – All the important updates from posting a job for in your company to posting for an event or offer need to be updated regularly on your page.
  • Maintain the left hand side menu on your Facebook Business page: All the posts, events videos, you will update on your Facebook business page will be accessible from below menu. Don’t forget to add the information in About section as it will guide audience about your brand or service and is important step to How to set up business page on Facebook.

Don’t forget to ask your existing customers or clients to add review of your product or service. This is really important in building a brand and increasing the credibility among your target audience.
Soon, I will be publishing blog posts on organic (non paid) & paid Facebook promotion of your page. So stay tuned and enjoy reading this blog

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