Business marketing communication for a small business during COVID19

I have always believed in a thought that when time is tough you need to be tougher. This time has not just demanded us to be nimble but to revamp our thought process especially for our businesses. When it comes to giant and middle businesses this task is not as cumbersome as it for small businesses due to lack of guidance. So here I am, sharing my thoughts on business marketing communication for small business during COVID19

I would like to start with few instances where we ourselves have observed the changed behavior

Consumer Psychology During Covid 19
  • While buying anything online we ensure safety before anything else
  • We avoid going out no matter what
  • Back to basics is what we are following – essentials are the only need and choice
  • Trying to be sane by learning something new
  • Social media trends are new time pass
  • Doing virtual meets to feel connected
  • We have been interested in news like never before
  • Introspection and realizations are trending
  • Trying ways to be fit while stuck at home

If not all you must have experienced a few during these times. And if you can relate your business offerings to any of the above you have cracked the code for business marketing communication. In case you have not then also you can make your customers realize how you are with them during this hard time. Read the following steps to include in business marketing communication

Creation of demand

I agree with the fact that many businesses have lost the sales during these times but loosing heart and efforts is not an option. Instead look for ways and communication where you can create demand for customers. Talk to them with empathy. Make them realize that you understand the challenges and wish to provide service with 100% security. Consider you are a clothing store and accept orders online too. Due to COVID19, you have drastically reduced online selling. Since the masses has started focusing on essential items you need to include communication which helps them deal with this time(business marketing communication for online store). Communication can be simple like

  • Cheer yourself during quarantine with the best work from home outfits
  • We believe in spreading happiness in these hard time
  • Stay beautiful and fit with us. Our packaging will amaze you with best safety measures
  • Gift yourself a treat after a while

Talk about the opportunity and risk

After scrolling through social media feeds, I have realized the people have started becoming emotional. They prefer empathy and connection. Don’t just show promotional element but the care the concern of your customers (5 things where you can go wrong while promotion, Read here). Be truthful about your struggle during this time and bring the twist of positivity saying you are ready to serve again. Great examples can be observed from brands like Uber & Ola. Even if you can’t make video with such a high budget, try doing normal posts. From sales happening during this time, tell audience how you are bringing smiles to your customers. This is the time to bring positivity to cheer up

Identify the issues of your customers and act upon them

While selecting business marketing communication for small business you need to address the audience issues. Need to think from their perspective and act. If you are gift selling business(customized gifts, jewellery, clothes etc) you could use this time to let users place orders for next few months. Business marketing communication can be as rudimentary as gift your closest ones a special gift during quarantine birthdays or anniversaries. Make a note of how you are ensuring your customers safety by contact less delivery. Tell them ways to combat boredom. Tell them ways to work from home efficiently. Talk beyond your business category and show empathy in your business marketing communication during COVID19

Anticipate change

Realize that the change has happened in customer psychology and it is the time you need to think how long this change will persist and act accordingly. Talk about your services, brand down the 6 months line.

For example, When it comes to buying non-essential items online this changes is ephemeral but the hygiene, sanitization, customer mental availability is expected to stay with us for a very long time. So business marketing communication needs to be accordingly

Experiment with tools, communication or anything new for your brand

Have your ever imagined a time when you will have opportunity to revamp everything and work creatively. This is the time. While being simple in your business marketing communication stick to one solid message. Don’t loose core brand voice & personality but experiment. If you have never used one digital medium for promotion it is the time for the action. I have observed people experimenting a lot these days and this makes me really elated but often feels the channel they are using lacks the efficacy(Read to know about benefits of each digital channel).

For example, if you are nutrition expert or share recipes on your Instagram page then you should start with blogging. Blogging benefits could be

  • Better reach – Anyone in the world can read your blog if your efforts are consistent and in the right direction
  • Helps in personal brand building
  • Blog is first step towards website
    And a lot more. A post will be shared specific to benefits of blogging soon

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Below is the frequently asked question regarding marketing communication during COVID

What should be the marketing communication during COVID?

When there is so much suffering around, this is the time for brands to be emotional and show empathy. Extend your social media arm for helping others. This is the time when you can create your image as people’s brand rather than just being a business

Share regular stories that spread positivity, give a helping hand to people, and show that you care. Simple communication like

  • We are in this together
  • How to be positive
  • How people are coping up in this hard time
  • How to help others in these tough times
  • Share a help virtually
  • Wear a mask and help others

This time calls for more empathy and concern and every brand, business, small business needs to feel that. Let’s build a community that cares for everyone.

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