Aatm Nirbhar Bharat/Self Reliant India Movement – An opportunity for Small Indian Businesses

Self Reliant India

This is the time to put your all plans to execution. If for years you have been thinking of a plan to do something of your own this year has brought a wonderful opportunity for you. While self reliant India slogan and Aatm Nirbhar bharat is echoing around we as a brand has immense to put in action.

I through this post will share ideas how to make use of self reliant India and Aatm nirbhar bharat in your product or service promotion.

Why is Aatm Nirbhar Bharat and Self Reliant India an opportunity for us?

Digital strategy for businesses in the times of self reliant India

Our country has for long followed the trend of being dependent on other countries to meet our needs. Beside being self reliant and capable in few sectors we have been dependent on others due to policies. Facing the economy crisis and need to uplift the same, there is a call for a unprecedented strategy. As a result India fights back with Self reliant India movement or in our mother tongue Aatm Nirbhar Bharat(Read more here). What I can foresee is this movement as a next Swachh Bharat abhiyan. Imagine the impact on Indian brands once population starts chanting and believing in this mantra. Time for us to revamp our digital strategies to boost not just sales of our product/service but also contribute to the nation


1. Tell your story to your audience.

Let your audience know how you build your brand and be very particular about your objective of helping the masses.

2. Give emphasis on Made in India products

While uploading a story on Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp start with made in India initiative or Self reliant India movement followed by your products. Similar kind of awareness is required on your pages across channels.

3. Share the news demonstrating self reliant India with your audience

This will not just talk about current news but help in strengthening your brand image. Make these kind of posts as part of your content on social media channels.(Read more here)

4. Use hashtags

Use hashtags to reach more people especially on twitter & Instagram

Communication strategy for atma nirbhar bharat

Some examples to use in content are

  1. We choose ABC sanitizers because we support aatm nirbhar bharat.
  2. I started my company XYZ during pandemic after realizing the need of fellow citizens. #selfreliantIndia #madeinIndia
  3. I support self reliant India. We support self reliant India. Together we stand.


Stand ahead of your competitors especially if they are not made in India. Aware your audience about how you are supporting nation by choosing made in India products. Talk about your sector/Industry such as tell the statistics of how much production is happening in India, how many people are employed in particular industry and make a point of their contribution if they choose make in India product. If one brand says it loud others will follow and we can expect consumer behavior to change and positive impact of self reliant India movement & aatm nirbhar bharat.

Quality standards & Return Policy

Ensure your audience about the quality standards you are following while production in India. Your promotional communication should talk about the quality insurance and promising standards that company follows

When we are talking about India made goods in communication it is explicit that return policies will be resilient and can attract the market well. So make well use of it in your communication by saying something like return within 30days of use, no complaints till date, 10,000+ pieces sold and more

Think about the consumers

Think about the consumers - Self reliant India strategy

Consumers are your priority and no one is just there on your pages, channels to see promotion. So offer them chance to engage, to find something useful. Post knowledgeable content on your brand pages which is unusual from your brand posts. Educate users about the recent and trending topics. For topic like Aatm nirbhar bharat & self reliant India, share articles with users like how as a consumer one can take this initiative ahead, posts speeches by leaders, inspiring stories by brands and anything related to #aatmnirbharbharat & #selfreliantIndia.

My expectations from brands

While checking some stories I have observed some people are using made in India in a communication which is great but the theme is just restricted to one story update. My suggestion is to build your promotion strategy around self reliant India & aatm nirbhar abhiyan and improve the engagement across digital channels. Don’t waste time and make use of opportunity when it is trending. Looking forward to see you all eperimenting around this theme. Leave your thoughts and questions in comment, will discuss all in details.

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