Instagram name change prank- A good opportunity for Food & Nutrition Instagram pages

Instagram name change prank challenge

Digital has taught us the importance of being spontaneous and opportunistic. Never let an opportunity to go out of your hand. As in my previous post, I was stressing about the fact that content on our social media channels should be around the recent and trending topics so that your audience can engage with it and love to be your audience forever.
Here is the new challenge – Instagram name change, that encompasses the whole Instagram, so why not to utilize this wonderful opportunity

About Instagram name change challenge:

Prankster will trick you to change your name in bio with some catchy name and once you fall for the trick this name can’t be changed for the next two weeks i.e. 14 days. Sounds interesting?

How one can make use of this challenge?

Everything be it new challenge, new feature that comes on Instagram is not readily adapted by public or general users. So what do you think how these challenges/new features become eminent? Through Influencers. I am not asking you to read unlimited digital marketing books to be updated of social media platforms and their trends just keep following Influencers so that you are aware of what is happening around. Even I came to know about this challenge through Influencer that I follow.

In my account I have seen people changing the name in Bio to quirky names that belong to food like Golgappe, Samosa, Aloo puri, Aloo Chaat and others. I believe all the nutritionist and food enthusiast can make well use of this challenge and even create one whole week content around the same

Instagram Name Change Prank
Instagram name change prank


Food enthusiast/Chefs/Recipe Pages:

Time for you to be active and try something which your audience is talking about. Ideas that can you can execute:

Golgappe as username for Instagram name change prank
Create recipes with a twist
  • Check your followers bio: If your follower has recently updated their bio name with some delicious & tempting food then take a screenshot. Just create some quirky content like – My follower demanded it and we created it. Love you guys! See the trending hashtag around the Instagram name change prank and post screenshot with the recipe. Either you can use post collage/video/simple image/multiple images or anything that is feasible for you. Learn what works well for your audience
  • Create a quiz/go live/add stories/ask questions: A simple engagement with your audience like the funniest name you have read so far on profiles and keep a small giveaway for the best answer


Time to share your knowledge about the food and its ingredients with the audience. How to use Instagram name change challenge?

  • Ask your audience: Ask your followers about the name they have seen and can’t wait to eat that food. Your responsibility is to teach them the healthy recipe of that food item. Whatever you do, don’t miss the hashtags and tags the well known pages of your category & followers. Use stories, posts, IGTV for the same
  • Detail the ingredients: Detail the ingredients of the food item you are seeing the most on your Instagram. Tell the user about the good & bad things they should know. Focus on quantity and create a positive picture of whatever you are claiming.

Above are two categories for which I have shared my ideas about the Instagram name change pranks. As creativity has no limit try to use this challenge for your category and see how this works. Know more about Instagram promotion strategy here

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